Why Are Fitness AND Nutrition so Important? Pt. III

Dinner Dilemmas

In our previous blogs, we’ve discussed how essential balanced breakfasts and healthy lunches are to maintaining excellent fitness and nutritional health. And while making sure our breakfasts and lunches are hefty and healthy enough to get us through the day, packing in an equally health-conscious dinner is integral to sticking to our diet and exercise plans. And, if you’re already a part of either our Formula X or Formula 12 routine, you’re well aware of how important a quality meal can be; Fitaholic’s revolutionary workout programs are designed to trim and chisel your body while giving you the nutritional guidance needed to fuel it. Ending your day with a proper dinner is essential for maintaining your progress, and staving off sugary cravings. Ready for some tips and motivation for keeping your fitness and nutrition goals on track? Let’s dive in.


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End Your Day Well

After a long day on the clock, it’s not uncommon for many of us to forgo preparing dinner and head straight to the bar for happy hour, complete with fried, fat-soaked calories in the form of something that once resembled a vegetable. Often, the food found at our favorite haunts is fried, adding hundreds of useless calories, fat, and sodium to our meal with diet-wrecking consequences. Once in awhile, these foods are fine but, just like the alcohol that is central to happy hour outings, they should be consumed irregularly. Instead, stick to protein-rich meals. You’ll not only save money by cooking at home, but you’ll have the chance to store leftovers to take with your the following day for a lunch that’s sure to keep you on track with your fitness and nutrition goals. But what should you be eating, you ask? Excellent question! Take a peek below for some mastication motivation.


Powered By Protein

It’s no secret that protein helps rebuild muscle worked out throughout the day, as well as keeping our minds sharp and our stomachs full. If you’re looking for a protein-rich meal that won’t pack on the fat, stick to preparing meals with white meat, such as chicken and pork. These meats make great centerpieces for your dinner, store well, and are easy to take with you the following day for lunch. But don’t think you have to have animal protein at each meal; despite popular belief among some in the fitness community, utilizing plant-based proteins is an excellent way to not only add protein but a whole host of other goodness. But don’t think we’re talking about tofu or grilled portabella burgers that taste like a dirty sponge; making your own seitan (the original wheat meat), lentil- or bean-based burgers, or hemp seeds are all excellent ways to add a hefty dose of protein to your diet.


Coming Up: Meal Planning

While we’ve briefly touched on why proper nutrition is important, we’ll be offering some of our favorite recipes and go-to meals for quick, easy, and healthy meals that work well at home and on the go. Curious about any of the info we’ve provided or want to get started on the path to the best shape of your life? Get in touch with Fitaholic today, and we’ll see you in the gym.

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